Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today we have sun and all the pets are soaking it up. I could have moved the boots and dog toys before taking this photo but that just wouldn't be representative of my front door right now. I love the sunlight through this door.

Some of us have been hibernating lately (always?).

Erin and I attempted melting snowman cookies using this tutorial from Truly Custom Cakery which I discovered in a google search. I saw photos of these cookies on Tumblr. Hers are much prettier.
We discovered two things. One, make sure you buy fresh marshmellows because ours were sticky and gooey before we even started so they turned out looking lumpier than they should have. Two, get a better cake decorating set so that you can do the detail of the face, arms and buttons better. We ate this batch ourselves but plan to make more that will hopefully look a bit less messy. Not that we minded how they looked when we ate them!