Thursday, August 14, 2008

What should this blog be when it grows up?

I have struggled with what this blog should be. Is it a family diary? A place for me to post my sketches for the Every Day Matters group? A place for Andrew to post because he so badly wants a website but mom wants something safe? Does anyone care because I haven't sent anyone a link to it anyway?

So, what should the blog be. Well, Andrew hasn't mentioned it lately and no one else but mom updates it but we started it as a family blog so perhaps I just keep going. Perhaps I start a Kirstin only blog as a related blog baby? And then maybe one for Andrew too? Sounds like a good topic for a family meeting.

Then we have to think of names. Some of the ones thrown out there for the family blog include:

Pancakes and Paint: Pancakes because that is the first thing to come to mind for Andrew who would make these daily for breakfast if I let him and paint for mom because of the art thing.

Family Leisure Times: Current and most boring

PONDerings (with a picture of our pond in the background-painted or photo)


Then we have to think up something creative and possible related for the related blogs. All this creative stuff! I have a whole list but nothing seems to really fit yet.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should name it I miss my friend Becky and I wonder what she is doing.