Sunday, November 30, 2008


From the 1960 Betty Crocker Party Book

I've had a very busy week. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year and had 20 people (other than the 4 of us) over for a meal. Friends of ours came and spent a couple of nights here too, so we had a full house from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. We had a wonderful time with everyone. We ate lots, played games and were thankful together for our many blessings. My husband requested that people write in our family book what they were thankful for and here's a few tidbits.

Almost everyone mentioned that they were thankful for friends, family, love, food and shelter. This was a good time to actually express these things that we tend not to think about most of the time but just take for granted. Other things that people were thankful for included:
  • that someone invented the dishwasher
  • snow
  • Bon Jovi was the number one song from the top 80's countdown we watched this weekend
  • That there are now lots of sandhill cranes in Michigan (especially since at one time there were only 17 breeding pairs in the state)
  • That our girls still like to play in cardboard boxes
  • For good jobs
  • Scrabble and guacamole dip
  • Health insurance and medical technology
  • The wonderful hand that Becky just dealt me in Five Crowns
  • All the colors of the world (like baby turtle, galapagos green, brushed aluminum, going to the chapel, minced onion, tree moss, northampton putty, crisp khaki, urban legend, cream froth, american cheese and simply white - from Benjamin Moore paint samples)
  • The ability to help others
  • To have choices in where I live and what I do
  • For a second refrigerator when I have large crowds over (this one was obviously mine)
  • For the view from my deck which always makes me feel relaxed


Nicole said...

Ok, I love that old cookbook. Can you tell me what it is Copyright date, etc...?

Kirstin said...

I just edited my post so that there is a link to the cookbook information. It's a fun book and I'm having a good time going through it. There is a HUGE Christmas/Hanuukah section as well.