Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wreck this Journal Project

Our family is doing a summer journal project that is a bit out of the ordinary.
June 3, 2008


We have ordered four of these journals and the kids are so excited to get started. I accidentally started mine already. I left it on the table in the sunroom and Basil chewed on the cover. Good boy Basil! Erin started hers yesterday. She got such a kick out of writing her name in white on the inside cover. She also learned what "illegibly" means, chewed on one page and took it to school with her today as the instructions say to "take it everywhere with you". Andrew had fun entering his names this morning but I made him stop so we wouldn't be late for school. I guess it will be a Spring/Summer project as we just can't wait to get started "wrecking our journals".

Our family has managed to knock two things off our "to-do" list already with a trip to the MC Escher exibit and the Flint Farmers Market on May 3rd. The kids took some great pictures at the farmers market. The MC Escher exibit was great, although the adults spent too much time looking according to the kids. Erin finally told dad, "Come on Dad. We've got this stuff at home in a book, let's go." See what you get for introducing your kids to art through books!

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