Thursday, April 30, 2009

International Fake Journal Month

The month is over and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Aix-en-Provence, France and the surrounding area. I used cotman watercolors and a maruman folding sketchbook. The sketchbook was quite fun and I will probably have to order another. I ended up doing 23 different pictures in the 30 days which is great for me. Several of them were worked on over the course of two or even three days so I was pretty close to doing something in this journal nearly every day!

I really need to invest in a photo editing program so I can actually work with my photos or scans. These are scans and they really didn't turn out that well but my camera needs really good light in order to take nice pictures of these and I just haven't had time during the day to do this.

Cloister of Saint Sauveur

Four Dolphins Fountain

Glass from a cafe and a statue in the market square of a boar. The statue looked very out of place among all the tables, boxes and trucks.

The Cours Mirabeau is the main street in Aix and is lined with beautiful large trees and several fountains in the center of the wide street. This one is a thermal, moss covered fountain that is ancient.

Store front and Senanque Abbey near Aix

Wine with dinner and a market vendor

Fountains in Aix - the Rotunda fountain, fountain detail near Hotel de ville and Hotel de ville tower

Couple at an outdoor cafe and fountain near the Hotel de ville

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