Monday, January 18, 2010

My 43 Things

Michelle's "37 things before I'm 38" list inspired me to make my own list. Here's my "43 things before I'm 44" list. Also, coincidentally, there is a website called which I've used for years to remind me what I said I was going to do. Last spring I made a list of things I wanted to do during the summer so this is a bit similar but will encompass the whole year.

My 43 things:

1. Update my will.
2. Carve a stamp.
3. Finish my quilt
4. Lose 10 pounds and keep it off by exercising regularly and eating right.
5. Finish the doll house with Erin.
6. Use my new watercolor paints.
7. Do journal pages three times per week for one month.
8. Read 12 books.
9. Keep my blog updated for one month.
10. Get family pictures done well before Christmas this year so I can send them out with cards.
11. Print photos from the last couple of years and organize them.
12. Embroidery
13. Midland Antique Show
14. Family bike ride
15. Family picnic
16. Morel mushroom hunting
17. Pick tart cherries and make pie
18. Plant tomato plants
19. Knit socks
20. Restart my sister gift box
21. Paint the large canvas in my basement
22. Have a summer party
23. Take a yoga class
24. Buy an original art work
25. Make jewerly with my kids using shrinky dinks
26. Go camping in the Alpena area
27. Track down photos of my grandparents homes
28. Paint my basement
29. Take family to Meijer gardens
30. Teach kids to sew (at least a button) and it wouldn't hurt for my husband to learn either
31. Eat at five new restaurants
32. Take the kids to a drive in movie
33. Find a phone booth (or at least a pay phone) and show them how they work so they can tell their kids that they saw one of the last remaining pay phones.
34. Take pictures in a photo booth
35. Visit my Aunts
36. Make fortune cookies with my kids.
37. Monthly date nights (at least once a month!)
38. Finish my art room
39. Host a vision board making day
40. Hang art above dining room windows
41. Visit parents "new" place in Florida
42. Take kids to Sleeping Bear Dunes
43. Be ok with not meeting my goals but satisfied that I tried.

And since this isn't really a birthday list but more of a January resolutions list, I'm giving myself all of 2010.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones that you did." --Mark Twain

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Caroline said...

Hey, I can relate to so many of these. Good luck. I know you will make your best effort. Have fun.