Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Sketching and Doodling

We spent the New Year's Eve holiday with friends in northern Michigan. We enjoyed great food and wonderful games of scrabble, luck of the draw, Wii sports, movies and sledding. I only managed a couple of sketches because I was working on my New Year's goals (I prefer goal to resolution).

I've also really enjoyed drawing and doodling in my black Canson field journal with my favorite white pen (signo uniball).

I'm working my way through Cathy Johnson's Sketching in Nature book and am at Chapter three now. I hope to finish the book by early February (it's a library book so I have to have it back by then). I think this is the third time I've taken that book out of the library in the last year.

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Randi said...

i really like this piece!