Thursday, May 6, 2010

Metaphors: Doors

Metaphors: Doors
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I'm following Jeannine's Four Rooms FREE Metaphors (Mining the Metaphor).
class this month and finding it interesting that I have lots of doors and windows with shutters in my journal. They are always bright and cheery looking though - not like barriers - inviting me somewhere. It's been interesting to think what they could mean for me.

Things I've noticed about the doors and windows:
- I can never see what's on the other side
- They are never open or if the shutters are open I still can't see through the windows
- I generally feel happy about them so I don't think I see them as barriers but perhaps they are?
- The doors are generally brightly colored in bright sunny (another metaphor I use a lot) yellow, bright blue, red or bright green.
- Perhaps they are doors to a bright and sunny future...

My assignment is to try and use the metaphor differently than normal. I am trying to imagine what is on the other side of the door. I'll have to see where that leads me. Thanks for the ideas Jeannine, I'm certainly doing some digging this week!

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