Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tell Your Story-Our Big Adventure

This is a weekend photo too. Yes, I already mentioned that Erin and I went up north and had a great time while my husband was at home taking caring of home stuff and my son.

Erin looks like she is having a wonderful time walking in the woods. In reality, she complained about having to walk in the woods and was a bit uncomfortable doing it. I'm not sure why but apparently she's quite a city girl. I don't know how that happened because I'm such a country girl.

Anyway, even with my aunt and I pointing out wildflowers and trees and identifying them, I don't think she was sold on the woods thing. My aunt pointed out a very cool weed that shoots out its seeds when you touch it and she found that quite fun and spent time looking for them so she could touch them. She also tasted wood sorrel to see if it was salty as my aunt told her they used to use it when they didn't have salt. I don't think it ever occured to her why people wouldn't have salt though.

Unfortunately for my daughter, her complaining about the woods has only made me think we need to take more family time to visit nature so that she can develop an appreciation of it and not be freaked out by a bunch of caterpillars on leaves or other insects flying around. Yep, I'm one of those mean moms.

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