Monday, February 21, 2011

The Blog Lull - Weekend Update

Weekend List:
1. Buy a camera
2. Buy my son new jeans
3. Attend several birthday parties including one in which I get to eat wonderful food and another which involves laser tag.

4. Photograph and upload some of my art journal pages.
Decluttering targets that need to be accomplished:
1. My linen closet
2. My closet
3. My bedroom in general

Well, I managed to get my son jeans and go to birthday parties and eat wonderful food. I played laser tag and in the first game managed to come in behind my husband (codename Viper), my daughter (codename Fang) and my son (codename Fender). That Fang kid rocks at laser tag. I think it's because she's so little she manages to duck under all those lasers and sneak up on more people. I stepped it up a notch in the second game and was ranked 6th overall, which is awesome for me, but now I have a blister on my trigger finger. I'm just not cut out for these violent sports!

And then there was the decluttering list too. I only managed to do one table in my bedroom.

Heaps of snow arrived yesterday so I didn't leave the house so no new camera and I made the mistake of picking up another Harry Potter book so I haven't managed to do anything productive since that time. I should finish the book today though so that will only leave two more in the series. Hopefully I can finish them by the weekend and get back on with art. Although my husband brought Twilight home and is reading it. I may be forced to read that next...

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aimee said...

i snorted out loud at the blister on the trigger finger! hope you've healed from your battle wounds!