Saturday, April 9, 2011

21 SECRETS-My first Week

Wow! What an awesome, creative, FUN, art-filled week I've had. I'm taking Connie's (from dirtyfootprints studio) 21 Secrets class. It started April 1st but will go until August so plenty of time to get in to all the different teacher's classes. There are 21 different teachers sharing fun techniques. So far I've worked in four groups - Aimee's from Artsyville, Tammy's from Daisyyellow, Alma Stoller's class and Connie's from dirtyfootprints studio.

My daughter has joined me for some of Connie's painting and she even convinced her father to come and paint with her today.

Erin's painting:

Mike's painting

I am having so much fun! Did I mention that already?

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