Monday, April 4, 2011

"Picture This"

I loved the interview she did about this book. I can't wait to get the book.

"Q: What would you say to someone who asks about the functionality of your books, their purpose?

A: My goal is to make a book for someone who is sitting in the waiting room at the Jiffy Lube while they were getting their oil changed. I want to make books that are picked up by a bored or waiting person who starts to thumb through them and gets drawn in enough so that they stop noticing they are waiting at the Jiffy Lube and instead start to itch to make something with their hands. A picture, or a comic or anything at all. I'm devoted to the idea that the use of images can not only transform our experience of time and space, but also has an absolute biological function that is directly tied to an essential state of being which is this: the feeling that life is something worth living."

Lynda Barry - About her book - "Picture This".

This thought has been in my mind the last few days as I've read several posts on what being an artist is. I loved the post Connie wrote on her blog Dirty Footprints today. My thoughts lean towards the "everyone is an artist" side of the arguement. We all drew pictures as kids and most of us still doodle while waiting on the telephone so I don't feel the need to categorize artists as only people who make a living doing art or spend all their time doing art. If my daughter asks me if she's an artist, the answer is YES! If someone asks me if I'm an artist, I always hesitate, but really, I think the answer should be YES!

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