Friday, October 31, 2008

Catching up & Suppa Club

I cannot believe that it has been 11 days since I last posted! We have been so busy the last couple of weeks. Between entertaining visitors, taking two online art classes, kids activities and travelling, I'm swamped. I'm beginning to feel as if I'm catching up now.

Suppa Club has been fun. We have had the hostess pick two recipes and the group then votes on which they would prefer to try. (Hey, is this a rule now or can I just send one recipe out when it's my turn?) This week our recipes were slow cooker recipes, one of my favorite things to do and perfect for a working mother. The choices included a rosemary garlic chicken and a mushroom pork ragout. The mushroom pork ragout won out (it has three kinds of mushrooms!) so I will be making that tomorrow.

I have to admit that, while I voted for the pork, I also liked the sound of the chicken one and made that last Monday. No pictures though, but it was tasty. I left it a bit long in the slow cooker and it was dryer than I would have liked. The sauce was not as flavorful as I expected either. I may make a variation of this again sometime and just roast the chicken in the oven. I will either skip the sauce altogether or try to zest it up a bit somehow.

I plan to make donut muffins Saturday morning with the kids. We love to make homemade donuts and we've made many kinds of muffins, but never these. They sound like the blending of two perfect worlds! I can't wait.

So, we have lots of cooking and baking going on this weekend. I just need to dig out the camera and share. Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend.

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Ingrid said...

I can't wait to see how your Pork Mushroom Ragout turns out! I'm making mine on Monday.

Thanks for the info on the chicken dish. In reading through the comments I was a bit leery. Be sure to post your changes to the recipe when you perfect it! I am going to give it a try!