Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer is Really Over

Time to check the TO-DO List!

Fun Stuff for Spring-Summer List:

  • MC Escher Exibit Done

  • Flint Farmers Market Done

  • Detroit Eastern Market Done

  • Mushroom Hunting Missed it this year

  • Strawberry picking-make freezer jam too! Done

  • Lots of walking/hiking in the woods Done

  • Canoeing Done

  • Camping DONE (really, I've had enough for this year)

  • Drawing, painting, writing Yes! Will keep it up!

  • Read some good books-Done

  • Make and eat lots of pie and cobbler Yes, but intend to keep working on this one. Yum!

Hmmm, not bad. I think we got it all in except for morel mushroom hunting. We had a great summer. Now it is really beginning to feel like Fall.

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