Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekword: Collection

My collections are many. Books:
Globes (and more stuff in the background in my kitchen):
And quilts:
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These are just a few of my collections. I'm feeling the need to pare down right now so will be getting rid of some things but the collections listed here will stay. I may weed out a few afghans, kitchen stuff, vintage games, etc. but the quilts, books and globes will stay. I would also like to get rid of the collection of empty reusable waterbottles that my son leaves next to the sink, the shoes piled in the laundry room and the "to file" stack of papers on the dining room table. How do we stop collecting that stuff?! I need to stop with the physical collection and just collect memories, dreams and love.
I found this wonderful illustration on tumblr today that fit this week word perfectly.
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Anna Wallin said...

knock, knock
A greeting from the Anna
nice pictures of collections you have ... It is nice to see all the different collections of people have on their pages .... good library you have!
I have a lot of collections in my home, but it had to suffice with a collection this time:)

Your Sincerely
Anna W

junebug said...

I'm in love with your library. I've always wanted one like that. Great post. I agree. Once I started thinking about what I collect it went from fun to ridiculous to sadly necessary. Even with paring down it continues to be an effort.

Christine E-E said...

I thought it was so funny that you mentioned the "items" that become collections, although you aren't interested in saving them (bottles, shoes)...

I thought of another one! junk mail... urrghh! how are we still getting so many pieces of mail that are unsolicited?

I love your globes....

B said...

Ah... I have a collection of books, but NOT nearly so NEAT as yours. I'm jealous. And the globes are so very cool. The cartoon was perfect, too, by the way. So glad to have found you via weekWORD!

peggyfussell said...

I LOVE these collections!! I could get lost at your house for hours... days. I love globes and I really like the way you have them displayed. If only I could find a way to display my junk mail as creatively! I have so much flotsam in my house, it just looks like the tide brought it in. Shoes pile up near the door, books tend to arrange themselves in stacks near cozy chairs....how do they do it?

S.E.Minegar said...

Those globes are fantastic! And your living room is delightful with all of those books. How lucky to come home to your library every day.

I can relate to the laundry and shoe piles. Those types of collections are inevitable. :)