Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Currently Enjoying

We are all settling into the New Year quite well. I have been busy posting to my Tumblr blog but not here. I have been an avid blog reader though and my current favorites are:

Artsyville - Loving List it Tuesday and thinking I should play along

Geninne's Art Blog - Love her work and just received a print as a Christmas present to myself. Wish I could order some pillows too.

I'm spending loads of time knitting socks. The "sock of the month" class sounded doable but I'm still on December's sock and now have January's sock started as well. November's socks are the only pair I've finished!
Please enjoy this cell phone photo of my November socks. I forgot to take a photo so had my niece send me this. I gave them to my sister for Christmas.

1 comment:

S.E.Minegar said...

i have knitting on my bucket list. i will start with a scarf. i don't think i am nearly patient enough to take on your creative endeavor!

the socks look fab!